eurolighting, practitioners in light, established in 1989
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  Since its establishment in 1989 Eurolighting has become a reference point for architects, engineers and designers in search of a company that is able to respond to the often high expectations of clients and customers. A company having the ability to interpret and analyse the project requirements whilst finding the best solution possible within budget criterion. Design and supply implementation by utilising standard catalogue luminaires and/or by creating bespoke components bringing an affordable design statement to the project.

Our combined partnership with Osram and other market leading UK and global manufacturers affords us a reputation of being at the forefront of innovative technology.

Thanks to our multi-disciplined and qualified team,  Eurolighting can provide total support right from the beginning of the project design, before, during and after implementation.

Eurolighting, working with clients from concept to completion.

Eurolighting design and supply Services:
 · Total project lighting.
 · Office lighting
 · Warehouse lighting
 · Factory lighting
 · Commercial lighting
 · Lighting for the hotel & leisure industry
 · Hospital & care establishment lighting
 · Exterior lighting
 · Emergency lighting
 · Bespoke luminaire specials design and supply

  osram official partner